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Nowadays, organizations face complex challenges that demand data-driven and evidence-based approaches to gain insights into critical issues and formulate effective solutions. Our organizational strategy practice assists clients in identifying the optimal organizational strategies to achieve business success. 

PICG Approach to Organization Strategy for Diverse Businesses

Given that each organization has a unique history, culture, and strategic direction, we customize our services to explicitly consider these factors.

  • Our services assist clients in implementing various organizational design solutions, ranging from partial redesigns to complete transformations. We connect organizational choices with business portfolio and strategic positioning choices, offering clients a holistic approach.
  • We evaluate organizational performance through a structured online or app-based survey.
  • At PICG, we adopt a distributed approach to organization design that places managers at the heart of the redesign process. By enabling them to shape their teams, we achieve superior outcomes. This approach facilitates seamless collaboration among hundreds of designers and redesigns thousands of positions with ease.
  • Numerous businesses today face internal complexities arising from intricate structures, processes, and systems. These factors can impede organizational performance and growth. At PICG, our approach helps companies manage and alleviate these complexities, leading to enhanced performance and growth.
  • Our services aid in establishing a culture that aligns with your organizational objectives, rather than conflicting with them. We work with you to identify the cultural characteristics necessary for achieving your goals, instilling leadership transformation, and creating an enabling environment for their success. We design experiences that challenge existing mindsets and encourage an appetite for innovation.


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