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Panorama India Consulting Group has an evitable client base of premier Companies that are into Consumer Products, Health care, Education, Information Technology, And More. Our mission is to create a platform which enables our clients to operate mind free and help them increase their productivity in every aspect of operations.


Staffing & Recruitment process includes sourcing high quality candidates that fits into your requirements. Panorama India Consultancy provides the finest quality candidates according to your requirements.


This is where Panorama India Consulting Group provides knowledge and training pertaining to planning, execution, supervision and analysis of a business enterprise.


A wide variety of Training and Development Programs to enhance your knowledge and to help you grow in your professional career

Authorized Amazon Partner

As an authorized partner with Amazon, Panorama India Consulting Group will empower merchants to begin selling on amazon, train and tutor them for progress,and accordingly produce pay to yourself.
You can now reach thousands of customers just by partnering with Amazon. India’s most visited and trusted shopping site.

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