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In today's dynamic business landscape, creating exceptional value is a constant challenge for leaders. The ability to navigate rapidly shifting competitive advantages requires strategic insights into future changes, along with the ability to leverage these insights for sustainable success.

At the core of any industry is strategy and value creation, and PICG has been a pioneer in strategic innovation through tools such as the experience curve, growth-share matrix, and digital deconstruction. Our team of corporate finance and strategy consultants assists clients in driving growth, attracting top talent, achieving a great stock, and delivering value to stakeholders. With our expertise, we help clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve long-term success.

PICG Services

We offer unparalleled strategic, transactional, and financial counselling and consultancy services, with a keen focus on independent judgement and a deep understanding of industrial and commercial environments. Our top priority is to maintain genuine objectivity, always keeping our clients' long-term interests in mind. 

We collaborate closely with clients to fully comprehend their corporate goals and ideas, taking into account not only the immediate outcomes of a project, but also its long-term implications. We work in close partnership with management and other advisors, including major investment banks, to enhance their knowledge and expertise. By doing so, we ensure maximum profitability, impact, and successful implementation of projects.

Our Approach

  • By utilizing creative data mining techniques, we gain the ability to generate valuable insights and optimize strategies with a high level of precision. These are not mere theoretical propositions supported by a handful of instances, but rather statistically significant conclusions drawn from extensive large-scale analyses.
  • In times of uncertainty, it is crucial for companies to respond with bold actions, but many large corporations tend to exhibit timidity and inertia. Achieving success requires companies to take daring steps to tap into untapped sources of growth. To make these decisive moves, companies must employ detailed analysis to identify the most promising submarkets, and challenge the conventional planning approach by reallocating resources such as people, money, and management to new areas.
  • A great strategy transcends mere analysis and becomes an immersive journey where teams confront complex issues, incorporate diverse viewpoints, and dispel their own preconceived notions. Although this process can be arduous, it fosters the unwavering conviction necessary for people to fully embrace a bold new direction.


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