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Customer Insight is a critical analysis of consumer trends that aims to enhance the sales and effectiveness of a service or product. By comprehending what consumers are seeking, manufacturers and service providers can tailor their offerings and brand to better suit their target audience, resulting in improved sales and customer satisfaction.

Our customer insights offer a customizable suite of services designed to help your business gain valuable insights into your customers' thoughts and opinions regarding your brand, products, and customer relations. Through this, we help you better understand your customers' needs and preferences, enabling you to refine your offerings to meet their expectations and drive business growth.

PICG Customer Insight Approach 

  • While the typical approach to capturing customer insights involves research that is disconnected from overall strategy, as well as analysis that aims to address a specific question, our approach is different.
  • At our company, we place a strong emphasis on integrating research into broader strategic decision-making, ensuring that it informs the most critical executive-level questions.
  • Rather than relying on massive volumes of data from multiple sources, our team of customer insight experts - consultants who bring robust business acumen to every project - prioritise the data that is most relevant to solving the issues at hand.
  • We use both quantitative and qualitative research, incorporating proprietary customer insight tools and techniques, as well as demand-centric growth and cutting-edge digital listening tools, to uncover valuable information regarding customer behaviour and preferences.
  • We specialise in generating foundational customer insights for industries and markets that lack institutional or syndicated data.

Our Expertise

Strategy: We specialize in creating a roadmap for analytics business case and deploying analytics center of excellence to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Marketing: Our expertise lies in customer segmentation, data mining, customer value analytics, promotion results analysis, and determining online advertising cost-effectiveness, to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

Sales: We help businesses achieve sales force alignment, prospect targeting and qualification, as well as cross- and up-sell targeting, to improve overall sales performance.

Customer Relations: Our focus is on identifying ways to reduce customer churn and increase customer loyalty, helping businesses build lasting relationships with their customers.

Customer Service Operations: We specialize in improving service resources and analyzing service inquiry patterns, to help businesses enhance their customer service operations and provide the best possible experience for their customers.


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