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Tips To Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a term that is used when two parties resolve the conflicts and come to an acceptable solution by having dialouges among them. What one does while negotiating is compromise that involves give and take. Have you come across the term Successful Negotiation? Successful Negotiation is when the the both parties comes to conclusion and resolves the problem and everyone benefits from it. You will often see negotiation skills being used in the workplace. It can be between managers, departments, colleagues or between a team member. While you give an interview for a job you usually negotiate the job offer with the interviewer or HR Manager.

Panorama India Consultancy is the best business and career consultancy in Haldwani, Uttarakhand and today we will discuss about the tips to improve your negotiation skills.

Tips to improve your negotiation skills

Negotiation Skills are very important especially when you have a business where you have to deal with customers a lot. If you are bad at negotiating then it will definitely affect the results of your business and can lead to bad customer relationship. Why are Negotiation skills so Important? These are very important and useful skills that helps to become a negotiator and resolve conflicts in the workplace.

It also depends on the work-environment, the parties involved, and the result of the outcome. It is not always easy to negotiate – There might be one party that is ready to compromise but the other party can be resistant. You will face this situation many times in your life and it is always better to hone these skills continually. Let us look at some tips to improve your negotiation skills.

 Tips To Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Prepare a negotiation strategies

It is very important to prepare before you come to a conclusion. Only enter the negotiation if you know what you want and whether you are ready to compromise. Be ready with your negotiation strategies and present it in such a way that it is beneficial for you and the opposite party also feels satisfied. This can only be done if you have thought about the negotiation from before.

Prepare yourself to compromise

When negotiating, compromise plays an important role in solving the problem. One cannot reach to a common solution that benefits both parties without compromising. When you are in such position you should leave behind your ego and always think to solve about the problem first.

Decide a Deadline

Always set a timeline when there is a negotiating process. Why is it important? Because a negotiation can go on for months and years without being resolved that is a loss for both the parties. Also, setting a deadline or timeline motivates the parties to reach a compromise before the deadline.

Find number of solutions to the problem

There is always multiple solutions to a single problem. So have more options while presenting your point of view. Think of as many solutions you can think and present it at the beginning of the meeting. This will save time for both the parties and everyone can choose the best possible outcome out of the many solutions.

Confidence is the key to negotiate

Confidence is the key here. To prove your point you need to speak confidently so that the other person think your solution is the best way to solve this problem. Negotiation is not about what you say; it is more about how you say. If you are less confident about your solutions and are not able to convey it properly then the other party can benefit from it.

Don’t shy away from the failures

There may be times when you will fail while negotiating and that might not be good for you. But, never feel disheartened, instead always learn from your mistakes. There are times when it is hard to come to a conclusion and a situation of compromise becomes difficult. Don’t take that personally and understand the whole situation again and try to improve your negotiation skills.

Improve your weakness

It is always better to know your weaknesses and work on it. Negotiation needs planning, communication, persuasion, problem solving and listening skills. Therefore, it is very important to sharpen these skills. If you sind it difficult to persuade or have trouble listening to others, you should work on these weaknesses to improve your negotiation skills.


Now you would have known how important it is to have good negotiation skills. You should always work to improve these skills by practising. You can practise by creating scenarios of your own and discuss it with your family and friends. Practise makes a man perfect and the more you will practise, the better negotiator you will become.

So, these were the few tips to improve your negotiation skills that we at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani think are important to often solve problems among different parties. To know moe about us you can log on to our website. To read more interesting blogs related to Business, carrer and training you can head to our blog sections.