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“What you were taught 10-20 years ago is fast becoming obsolete. Upskill yourself and recreate your world.”

If you are not focusing on gaining the in-demand skills and relying on your current skill sets, it will be hard for you to grow high in your career. Panorama India Consultancy aims at providing the best in class Practical Training for your better future. 

We provide a wide array of training that every job-seeking individual should have in his/her skillsets. 

Our various pieces of training include – 

  • English for Business
  • Sell Anything to Anyone – Importance of Sales
  • The Job Interview – Preparation
  • Resume Crafting – Create an Impact on the Hiring Manager
  • Microsoft Excel – Basic For Beginners
  • Microsoft Excel – Advanced
  • Microsoft Word – Basic For Beginners
  • Microsoft Word – Advanced
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint (Basic Combo)
  • Microsoft Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint (Advanced Combo)
  • Personality Development Program

English is the most common language of international Business and all kinds of communication worldwide. As technological advancements are taking place, English is rising because of the rise in internet users.

Business English is a type of English that has a specific purpose. It is the brand of English that is used in an official or business setting. It has the aim of efficient and clear communication with your boss,   co-workers, or other professionals.

It’s the essential skill that Employers see in any individual. If you are not good at English, you bridge a gap between you and your career growth.

For instance, we may greet a close friend with a “Hey! Wassup?” But with a co-worker, we are often better off saying, “Hello. How are you?” Also, there are some words and phrases specific to Business English, such as “authorization” is used in place of “permission” and “deliverable” is used instead of “complete project” in Business English.

Learn English used in Business from the Business Experts at Panorama India Consultancy and express yourself to anyone in the world with confidence.

“Sales are to businesses, like oxygen is to humans.” 

Are you an aspiring Sales Professional thinking to build an influential career in Sales? Or are you an aspiring Entrepreneur who wants to build a high-profit business? There are many traits that one should possess to become a robust Sales Professional. These traits include – Relationship Building, Story Telling, Problem Solving, Business Communication, Client Engagement, Active Listening, Social Selling, and many more.

If you want everything about sales, then this course is for you. Register for this course with Panorama India Consultancy and open doors for high earnings in the future.

Getting an interview call for your dream job is another step in the right direction. However, You need to crack that interview to get your dream job. What are the various things that one should know to crack any interview? Cracking the most challenging interviews requires some skills.

Panorama India Consultancy identifies the lack of knowledge in cracking and impressing the interviewer in an interview. We have designed this course for great people at their work but fail to express their worth to the Employer.

Crack the most challenging interviews with proper training and guidance by the most experienced HRs at Panorama India Consultancy.

A resume offers a page or two where you can display your top skills and qualities. Resumes help employers make hiring decisions and help you get your first interview. That’s why it matters how you structure your Resume and what information you decide to include. 

Your Resume speaks about you before you meet the Hiring Manager in the interview. If you want to grab your dream job, you should craft your Resume like no one else. Your Resume should be imposing and outstand from the crowd. 

Learn the art of crafting an impactful resume from the experts at Panorama India Consultancy. Register for this course today.

We all are familiar with the name “Microsoft Excel,” but most of us don’t even know about the wonders that Excel can do. Excel is the most basic need in any job profile. One should know how to use Excel for Data Entry, Data Analysis, Reporting, and many more.

Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel in this course by the Excel Experts of Panorama India Consultancy.

The advanced Excel Skills cover Advanced Formulas, Data, Power Query Tables & Formatting, Pivot Tables & Pivot Reporting, Advanced Charting, and many more. 

It is not enough to know various features of Excel. An advanced user knows how to use Excel productively. This includes knowing essential keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, workarounds, Excel customizations & how to make everything looks slick. 

Learn the basic and advanced uses of Excel and become an Excel Pro.

Microsoft Word is the most used word processing software in the world. MS Word is a one-stop solution for all document development-related requirements. You can create a simple letter, a colorful brochure, and many more in MS Word.

The advanced Word Skills Cover – Automating Repetitive Tasks, Control Format with Styles, and many more. MS Word is used by almost every Business in their day-to-day tasks. It’s one of the most fundamental skills that any employer looks for in a candidate. 

Become Job ready by taking the most advanced and in-depth training on MS Word by Panorama India Consultancy.

There is simply no better tool for achieving the various goals of presenters than Microsoft PowerPoint. Every Job demands the use of PowerPoint for crafting Business Presentations. It is the most used software for creating presentations by all the businesses around the globe.

Every Job Seeking Individual should master the skill of using MS PowerPoint. 

Learn the basics of the most widely used for sharing presenting professional information by a considerable no. of companies in the world. Add these fundamental skills to your profile and increase your chances of getting your desirable job.

A power-packed course that contains the most essential and fundamental skills for any job role. Master the most widely used Microsoft Software by almost every business worldwide and unlock doors for new Job opportunities.

A person is known by the Personality he carries. Personality development grooms an individual and helps him make a mark of his/her own. Individuals need to have a style of their own for others to follow them. You need to set an example for people around you.

Personality development helps you develop a positive attitude in life. Personality plays a vital role in the success of a person. Personality includes communication skills, Presentation skills, etiquette and grooming, Body Language, Creativity, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Positive attitude, dealing with others, conflict management, etc. A person may lose good opportunity despite possessing good knowledge and working skills as they sometimes fail to showcase the same. A person with an impressive personality attracts more opportunities and grows more due to that.

Enhance your Personality and Soft Skills with Panorama India Consultancy.