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Funds are the backbone to run any business. We support you in framing the detailed project report and investor assistance. PICG is unique due to its state of the art ecosystem and approach, which revolves around the core business of fundraising for entrepreneurs and businesses. We also provides access to some of the industry’s most seasoned mentors, as well as other partners and leading service providers.

Our team is well versed with the procedures of funding in angel investing, private equity or government assistance and availing of subsidy. Our consultants have worked alongside our private equity clients to provide comprehensive support across the full transaction cycle. Our support ranges from identifying attractive companies to commercial due diligence, portfolio company value growth and exit support. Today we are one of the largest and most experienced strategy consulting firms serving private equity firms. Our transaction support includes exceptional responsiveness and support across a range of transactions from multimillion deals to mid-market and growth capital investments. We work with a wide range of private equity clients and they tell us that they value our ability to provide rapid access to insights based our experience in strategy work in the relevant industry and perspective from other related markets around the world. We make it sure to design the investment phases and present your idea with robust framework.

The development of effective institutional investment strategies is based on sound technology and sound judgment. We work with our clients on a wide variety of programs to develop and maintain quality investment plans. Our work is focused on the analysis of conditions – both in terms of quantity and fairness – as we use resource resources to become a reliable investment partner for our client.

We offer a complete range of international investment consulting services tailored to your specific terms and conditions. Our international consulting teams have the highest level of knowledge, foresight to respond to new developments before reaching our customers and the purpose of challenging the conference.  

We can help you solve your complex investment problems in practical, inexpensive ways that impact your business.

We advise you on the various types of fund including defined benefit programs, defined donation and fundraising programs, grants and foundations, hospitals and private resource funds. Our range of services continues to grow continuously with pension solutions, investment management, asset allocation strategies and other asset classes. 

We also provide investment consulting services and communication services.

We use our advanced modelling tools to help us analyse your situation and help you make informed decisions about your future investment plan.Our clients include institutions, public and private companies, trustees and the international community.

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