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How To Spend The First and Last 10 Minutes Of Your Work Day

How To Spend The First and Last 10 Minutes Of Your Work Day

When you join an office your management of time can become a bit hotchpotch. You will always be in a rush, whether it’s morning and you need to reach the office on time. Or it’s evening and you need to reach home early to spend time with your family. We get so much involved in it that we forget about those little things that matter more. If we utilize our time evenly we can be more productive and achieve all that we have planned in the morning. So, how to plan your day depends on how you spend the first and last 10 minutes of your workday. This is a crucial process that will also help you in deciding how the rest of the week will go.

Building a routine takes time and we are very sure it is not one of the easiest things. For some, it takes years to build that perfect morning and evening routine which helps to make out the most from the day. Many young entrepreneurs and skilled employees think that waking up early and working late till night is the only way to make you and your work look more productive. But it is not the case. At last, what matters is how much you get done in a day rather than how many hours you have put into it.

We at Panorama India Consultancy will advise everyone to follow a strict morning and evening routine that should include exercising in the morning, completing the hardest task first in your office, and at the end of the day think about how productive your day is was and how can you improve better.

Let us talk more about How To Spend The First and Last 10 Minutes Of Your Work Day.

How You Should Start Each Work Day

Here are some points that we at PIC Haldwani think on how you should spend the first 10 minutes of your workday

Avoid Checking Your Email, and Text

The first thing that you should avoid is checking Email, Texts, and Other social media handles in the first 10 minutes of your workday. Instead of checking and replying to emails and texts focus on your task and what needs to be done in the whole day. Make a checklist that you can mark once the task is completed. But why should you avoid checking emails and Facebook? You might be thinking that is quite important too. But these activities will hijack your focus and put you into reactive mode. And after all, we are very sure you can check your emails and messages after 10 minutes. Nothing is at loss here. But what you have gained is a strategy on how you will be working the whole day.

Plan your Targets

Now you have entered your office and you are not allowed to use social media or mail for the next 10 minutes. What would you do next? Work on a planning strategy for the whole day. Arrange your workstation in a proper way just as an artist or a chef would do. Focus on the task you want to complete today without thinking how difficult or easy that task is. Make a priority list on paper or your phone which will help you focus on the main priorities.

Eat Frogs for Breakfast

Now you have made the list of all the work you have to do today. But how would you prioritize what you need to do first? People always go for easier tasks first but it is a mistake. You should always take into consideration the difficult tasks and complete them first, so at the end of the day, you don’t have to rush in completing that difficult task. Use your time wisely and clear your head and decide how you will move forward. Just get the difficult tasks out of your way as soon as possible.

How You Should End Each Work Day

Here are some points that we at PIC Haldwani think on how you should spend the last 10 minutes of your workday

Complete the Small Projects

Woah! Now you have completed all the difficult and challenging tasks. It is the second half of the day and you are left with all the basic tasks. You need to relax a bit now as you also might be a little tired. But, you need to complete those basic tasks too. Respond to those emails, file your paperwork, and do other small urgent projects that keep on coming throughout the day. Don’t leave the tasks for another day as they will just pile up on your next day’s routine. Use your time wisely to increase productivity.

Reflect on the Day

Once you have completed all the tasks now it’s time to reflect on what you did the whole day. Take out 10 minutes at the end of the day and think were you productive enough today? If yes, that is well and good. If not, think of the plan on how you can improve your productivity for the next day.  Doing all of this you will leave the day behind and you will have a better mood for the rest of the evening.

Get Out to where you belong

It is the end of the day now, pack your stuff and get back to the life you belong to. It is always good to indulge in a chat with other employees but don’t waste too much time on it. Don’t just stay in the office for no reason instead occupy that time in doing something productive. Remember to stay productive you need that energy tomorrow to complete the other tasks. So go back home on time, spend some quality time with your family, and sleep at the right time.


So, these were some of the ways on How To Spend The First and Last 10 Minutes Of Your Work Day. These 20 minutes can prove very beneficial in planning you strategies to be productive. We at Panorama India Consultancy have trained many professionals for various employment opportunities. We have also helped in planning strategies for many businesses in Uttarakhand. To know more about us you can visit our website. For more such interesting blogs head over to our blog sections.