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How to Improve the Candidate Experience During Recruitment

How critical is candidate experience to a company’s recruiting marketing strategy? A recent study was done which gave out the top three reasons candidates end the application process: 37% votes were for Disrespecting employees’ time, 32% votes were for poor rapport with the recruiter, and 29% votes were given to the tiring and lengthy process of hiring.

These numbers show how essential it is to create a positive candidate experience in order to attract top-quality qualified candidates. A personalized and memorable experience allows companies to stay competitive and expand their talent pool. The candidate’s experience should be a critical part of marketing your business and building brand awareness.

It should answer common questions: What happens after I apply? When will I hear back from recruiters? What are the steps are involved in the hiring process? These questions are common and should be actively dealt with. It should set expectations and provide a realistic overview of how candidates move from one phase to the next in the hiring process.

Panorama India Consultancy is one of the best recruitment consultancies in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. With PIC you will have one of the best experiences while your recruitment process. Let us look at How to Improve the candidate experience during recruitment.

How to Improve the Candidate Experience During Recruitment

Given all of this information, it’s natural to wonder how you can go about creating a positive candidate experience that lets you hire top-notch talent.

1. Release the job process in a variety of ways.

Not everyone receives information in the same way. And with that comes the need to change the format of delivery of basic information during the recruitment process.

In addition to telling candidates what they can expect – both in the recruitment process and at work – consider including educational content such as blog posts, infographics, and videos in your recruitment marketing strategy. Our company regularly features this type of content in our digital ads and social media, while educating talent on our websites.

2. Communication should be regular during the process.

Open and regular communication is essential to creating a positive candidate experience. Inform the talent as often as possible about all the steps that follow and provide a rough timing estimate.

Let candidates who are currently in the queue know when to expect a response, and consider communicating all relevant information in different environments. Many companies now use automated communication platforms, 24/7 live chat support, and helpdesk ticketing systems to meet the urgency that people often feel during the application process.

3. Humanize your messages and Emails.

As the world becomes more and more automated, it’s easy to lose this human element in our daily interactions. Even when talents prefer to handle everything digitally, there are still opportunities for warmth and humanity in the candidate’s experience when hiring.

However, automation and other recruiting technologies shouldn’t be reserved for rare occasions. You can’t beat the speed and immediacy it brings to your candidate engagement activities. But you still need to make sure that all messages and visuals support your brand and effectively convey the culture that candidates will join while building a relationship with your candidates.

4. Share Employee Experiences.

People trust people more than brands. If employee testimonials aren’t already part of your recruiting marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with job seekers on a more impactful level.

Share employee experiences with candidates, connect them with people in the field, and never forget to collect feedback on the entire hiring process to continually improve your candidate engagement strategies. You will never be able to spot the gaps if you don’t ask for this valuable feedback.

5. Customize the candidate journey.

The candidate is a consumer. And like consumers, they want customized experiences in the hiring process. Make sure you have a solid candidate engagement background. This allows you to tailor the experience to each person’s preferences. At the very least, choose a recruiting technology that gives candidates the choice of how and how often to communicate about job applications and career opportunities that match specific criteria.


The importance of candidate engagement is the need of the hour and it requires time and attention to get it right. Even then there is a possibility that you might miss the mark once. As long as you set clear expectations early in the process, stay in regular contact with candidates, and never lose the human side of your organization, you’re moving in the right direction. So, these were some tips on How to Improve the Candidate Experience During Recruitment.

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