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Our approach establishes the required fact base to vet critical decisions and brings together data from disparate sources to develop holistic strategies. Unlike large consulting firms who toggle between operational work and heterogeneous strategy work, we live and breathe healthcare growth strategy. As a result, we have developed deep expertise in exploring new business models, evaluating new technologies, entering new markets, and capitalizing on new policies. Our focus drives results. Insight generation and quantitative rigor define our consulting approach. Our experts do research to inform quantitative models, developing forecasts in emerging and innovative markets, and quantifying what is difficult to quantify. We also cater the skilled and non-skilled labour requirements with best wages. We make it sure that the functioning of the operations is smooth by implementing requirement based ERP solutions as per the highest requirement.

Per Capita costs of health care in India continue to rise due to greater awareness and better access. India is also a popular destination for medical tourism around the world as it provides specialized services at an affordable cost to major hospitals that produce state-of-the-art treatment centres for all diseases under one roof. The private sector is constantly growing to supplement government spending, which remains largely funded. The rapid pace of expansion in the industry has exacerbated the need for health care professionals and professionals in the industry. We, at PICG Consultants, understand the growing need for skilled professionals and key people and therefore retain talented contacts in the industry to meet the specific staffing needs of our clients.

Word of Mouth is a critical driver of talent in the industry. We have consultants with a strong network and employees who work in different companies at different levels. These employees are our best ambassadors, which makes the transfer of colleagues a valuable source of talent. PICG focuses on a well-balanced model; through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by our professional advisors, and a rigorous process of looking for indicators to find the best talent.

The gradual change was taking place in the Indian Pharmaceutical sector as technological advances continued to evolve, testing various new drug categories, disrupting old processes to invent new ways to create new opportunities, and a changing business model.

To complement the Industrial pace of change, space is highly contested by small and medium enterprises, which are very fast and growing rapidly. In a rapidly changing environment, the industry’s need to find reliable talent, which can increase intelligence and show that we contribute to the company’s profitability by innovating, has become a top priority.

With our years of experience in the industry, we understand that the product development cycle of the Pharma sector is a long-term process. It is therefore important that our clients acquire a reliable talent that has the potential to focus on new innovations over time. We are committed to providing timely and advanced search solutions for a wide range of management and administrative roles.

We have expertise in delivering and maintaining human capital of your industry in the following areas:

    ⦿ Diagnostic & Medical Laboratories.
    ⦿ Super Specialty & therapy experts.
    ⦿ Clinical & Research Organization.
    ⦿ Medical Device & Equipment.

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