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As recession in the worldwide economy subsides, employment increases and population growth continues, consumer products players see profitable growth more so in emerging markets due to unabated urbanization and rise in income level of the middle class. This presents many opportunities to sustain profitable growth. But as markets shift from developed to developing world, new factors would affect profitability with increased complexity of infrastructure access in emerging markets. Serving the end user can be a task. We help you plan your route to market by programming distribution channel. We also assist you with setting up the margin by reverse calculation method. This makes your ROI better and help you in make the best profits. BMGI has helped many players in streamlining their supply-chain processes and leading front line sales in improving sales effectiveness to ensure fast access to new markets, in associating with partners to bridge capability gaps, in cost-saving across processes and in building consumer focused segmented strategies to leverage growth in emerging market Our Strategic Human Resource Management is a applied and tested practice of raising the consumer goods companies. Our Strategic Human Resource Management process includes:
  • Job Design
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Pay structure
  • Advantages
  • Performance Management
  • Awards and Incentives
  • Support: Welfare


Job configuration refers to the manner in which the assignments are joins to shape a total work. Occupation configuration is a cycle which joins the characteristic and outward relationship, assignments, and the competitor encounters and trainings required like information, capability, ability and capacities for each kind of undertaking that meet the prerequisites of association and workers.


  1. We evaluate the outcomes of SHRM practices Qualitatively and Quantitatively.
  2. We give your company a good and effective thought direction that changes or alters the operations in an effective way and balances the resources and ratio of the workplace or workforce.
  3. Our forecasting and anticipation strategies find and identifies the upcoming changes of the industry, and forms the appropriate policies to keep the workforce ready for the
  4. We maintain the organization’s workplace peace with our consistent consulting services.


The main part of Strategic HRM is the improvement of an HRM system that expands an association’s awareness, worth, innovation, and profitability to clients. Key human asset arranging (SHRP) includes four unmistakable stages:
  • Situational examination/environmental analysis..
  • Estimating the need for Human Resource..
  • Analyzing the supply of HR..
  • Developing activity that fills up the gap of human resource and demand.


Stage 1: The primary stage of HR arranging is where key arranging and HRM communicate. HR organizers anticipate dangers and should drive the strategic planning and openings with the assistance of Environmental filtering. The key thoughts or plan actualize to environmental conditions, and HR arranging is the components that an association can use to achieve this variation cycle.

Stage 2: The second stage is, anticipating demanding, requires assessing the number of as well as what sorts of workers will be required by the association.

Stage 3: The third stage includes considering the number and types of employees according to their skills and qualifications. The skills inventory is a significant instrument used to the internal supply of employees. After analyzing and anticipating both the demand and supply of the future workforce, both the forecasts are evaluated to find a gap, and if any gap is there, what kind of follow up action is required should be identified within time.

All these stages help us to regulate the human capital of your consumer goods company.

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